• Hey! I didn't know you  were the Author of that fanfiction! I love your story! You've probably seen me on FFN as MythicalWolves. Anyways, just dropping in.

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    • Oh cool! And thanks,I am glad to know someone likes my fanfic :D.

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    • And also, do you think that you will post it here? My parents made me leave FFN, so I can't read your story anymore! :c

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    • For you and other users,I will! Any upcoming chapters,I will post here! But you have to remind me if I forget!

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    • Okay,heres Chapter 16:

      They were... here. And the school was... huge. They all stared at in awe. 'Are you sure this is the right school?" Molly asked in shock. The prinicpal nodded, and motioned for them to enter the school.

      "We've been in here for like, five seconds, and I already like this school!" Deema sexcalimed in her usual hyper voice. Everyone else just nodded, still in awe of how huge the hallway was.

      They all followed Principal Scaleson into her office. "Okay," Mrs. Scaleson said solemnly, "You will all get your schedules on Monday, your real first day of school." They all nodded. "My student assistant Nora," Mrs. Scaleson's head motioned towarss the short girl standing next to her, who they didn't even notice, "Will show you all your rooms.". They nodded again. "Any questions?" Mrs. Scaleson asked, eyeing all six of them. They all shook their heads, for they did not want to be there any longer than they had to. "Come on then!" Nora said in a high pitched, energetic voice, in which they were all expecting her to be a down-to-earth person, for she worked for the Principal.

      After they all got situated, they noticed something. They were all sharing a room with their indivual parter. Molly x Gil. Deema x Goby. And Oona x Nonny - which didn't happen yet. They didn't really know how to react.

      "How do you guys like it so far?" Molly asked her friends, too busy dealing with her suitcase. "I love it here!" Deema nearly shouted, but the rest weren't so excited. "It's... Okay..." Oona replied. "Well we haven't been here long," Molly replied, "Maybe after our first week of school, we can be able to decide how we like it here.".

      "Your sister went here right?" Goby asked Molly. She nodded, still fussing with her suitcase. "How did she like it here?' He asked. "Well.. She thought it was alright. She said the school is not really strict. But the students have limited outside of school activity. That was her only pet peeve. Oh, and all the work." Molly answered.

      "Well, I'm not too fond about alot of work." Gil said. "Yeah, we know." Deema said with a laugh, and Oona giggled as well. Gil just glanced at the two friends, then laughed as well.

      "It is nice to see you all bonding," A voice said, "but sadly I have to break that up. "Oh," Deema replied, "You."

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