*This episode breaks the 6-episode streak of Molly and Gil being the important characters of the day by having Deema and Molly be the important characters, although Molly's streak continues.

    • This also breaks the streak of Deema doing the shop segments with Goby's Dentist Office. Yet, Deema is still the one to say "Well, you've certainly come to the right place!"
  • Gil makes a reference to his favorite color by saying he brushes his teeth before bed with his purple toothbrush.
  • Molly and Gil finally have a storybook segment together, rather than with other Guppies.
  • Oona makes a reference to her favorite color by saying her toothbrush is pink.
  • When Deema shows the dentist her loose tooth, she is freaked out when the dentist says, "That means it's gonna fall out soon."
  • The pop song references the fact that Nonny rarely smiles in this season.
  • Music from Happy Clam Day is used.
  • The dance song,"Brush Those Teeth!", has the same tune as the dance song, "Do The Kangaroo Jump!" from "The Lonely Rhino!" and "Dig Deep Down!" from "X Marks the Spot!"
  • The ending song, "Here She Is!" has the same tune as the real song, "Here She Is...Miss America!"

  • When Mr. Grouper says it's time to go outside, Oona is wearing a tooth fairy costume, but when the Bubble Guppies line up, Oona's tooth fairy costume is gone.
  • Goby's favorite color is green. Strangely though, he says that his toothbrush is blue, which is actually Molly's favorite color.
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