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"Trick or Treat, Mr. Grumpfish!"
Season: Season 4
Episode Number: 14 (airing order)
Airing Information
Air Date: October 21, 2016
Written by: Jonny Belt
Robert Scull
Clark Stubbs
"The Summer Camp Games!"
"The New Guppy! (Season 5)"

Trick or Treat, Mr. Grumpfish! is a Halloween special, and the final episode of Season 4 and the original series.

Characters Present


It’s Halloween under the sea in the town of Bubbletucky. Join Molly, Gil and the rest of the gang as they go trick-or-treating. Will Mr Grumpfish smile and join in the fun, or is he just too grumpy for Halloween?


The episode starts when Molly greets herself. Suddenly, a doorbell rings and Gil dresses up as a ghost and says "Trick or treat!" and Molly gives treats. Then a doorbell rings again and Gil dresses up a robot and says "Trick or treat!" and Molly gives treats again. Gil then howls, prompting Molly to think its Gil coming for a third helping of Halloween treats, so she sneaks off as Gil dressed as a Werewolf, rings the doorbell and says "Trick or treat!". Molly, dressed up as a witch, sneaks up behind Gil and says "Boo!", scaring him enough to send his trick or treat bag flying. The bag falls on his head and the treats fall out as Molly removes it. They then both say "It's time for Bubble Guppies!"

The episode starts when Molly and Gil go to a Halloween store. When they enter they meet the owner of the shop, Igor, who tells them that the shop has all sorts of ideas for the year. Gil decides to dress as something scary, such as a Werewolf, and proceeds to howl like one, while Bubble Puppy joins in. However, Molly decides to dress as a cat, though Gil tells her that cats are spooky. Igor tells him that you don't have to dress as something spooky on Halloween, and you can be whatever you want. Molly and Gil proceed to walk down an isle of the store and see all the masks, among them are vampire masks, zombie masks, werewolf masks and more. Gil then sees Mr. Grumpfish, thinking he's a mask, but when Mr. Grumpfish reveals that he isn't, Gil screams and goes backwards while Molly greets Mr. Grumpfish and asks him what he's going to be for Halloween. He replies that he doesn't like Halloween, to the surprise of the kids, even though they tell him all the fun things to do on Halloween. Molly then decides that she and Gil can show him how fun Halloween can be, so they head off to class. After Mr. Grouper suggests thinking about what you do when trick-or-treating, the pop song plays.

After the pop song ends, Goby heads to get his costume at Doctor Deemastein's Monster Laboratory. Soon, they manage to get Goby's skeleton costume and Mr. Grouper announces that it's time for lunch. Molly then explains that you don't have to dress up as something spooky on Halloween as Gil zooms in dressed as a superhero. He says he's come to protect Molly from spooky things, but she responds by saying that she likes to be scared on Halloween, since it's part of the fun. Gil claims he's not afraid of anything, but a fish dressed as a ghost sneaks up on him. Molly asks if he's not afraid of ghosts, and Gil's about to say that he isn't, until he turns around and sees the "ghost" right behind him who proceeds to say "Boo!", causing him to scream and fall until he realizes that it's just a fish under a sheet, which brings both him and Molly to laugh as Goby comes by with a wagon full of Halloween decorations, saying that the class is making a haunted house. Molly comes in with Goby and admires the decorations as she sees Oona and Nonny drawing and painting spooky things while Bubble Puppy drags a string of skulls along the floor. Oona says that the classroom will look even spookier when the lights are out. Deema then comes in wearing a costume, claiming she decided to be both a princess and a Werewolf, since she couldn't decide on one. Mr. Grouper is then seen painting Gil and Goby's faces to look scary, with Goby having dark shadows around his eyes and Gil's face painted up like a skull. Molly asks Mr. Grouper if they can invite Mr. Grumpfish to their haunted house, and he agrees, thus explaining the plan Molly and Gil came up with, make their classroom into a haunted house, invite Mr. Grumpfish and when he gets inside, he'll be scared and soon see the fun of Halloween. After that, Mr. Grouper tells everyone to go outside.

Once outside, Nonny begins the story segment. Molly is a superhero, Goby is a vampire, and Deema is a leopard lady. They're out trick or treating in an apartment building in Molly's neighborhood, but before Molly can ring the first doorbell they stop at, they see a ghost on the other side of the hallway, after realizing it's not someone in a costume, they run out of the building and hide in a dumpster. Deema suggests they go trick-or-treating in her neighborhood, but before Goby can ring the doorbell, the ghost shows up again! As soon as they flee, Goby suggests they go trick-or-treating in his neighborhood, and their first stop is at a spooky castle. They approach the door, but as Deema turns around to see if the ghost is behind them, she bumps into her friends and they all scare each other as a result. Goby notices they spilled their candy and start to put their treats back into their jack-o-lantern pails, and that's when they hear the ghost coming. Goby suggests they hide and scare the ghost when it arrives. Just as the ghost arrives and looks for the three, they all jump out and scream "Boo!", causing the terrified ghost to run into a corner in tears after dropping its trick-or-treat bucket. Molly apologizes and the ghost explains that he only wanted to go trick-or-treating with the three. So they happily let the ghost join them as they ring the castle doorbell. After the story ends, the dance song begins.

After the dance song ends, Molly explains that when you dress up for Halloween, you can try to scare your friends or they could try to scare you. Soon, she hears Gil howling and finds him dressed as a Werewolf and teaching three little fish how to howl. However, the fish start clucking like chickens instead and swim away. Soon, Mr. Grouper comes by and tells Molly that the haunted house is ready for visitors. Once night falls, Molly and Gil, dressed as a witch and a skeleton, respectively, greet trick-or-treaters, welcome them into the haunted house and give them treats as they come. Soon, the doorbell rings and its revealed to be Mr. Grumpfish, whom they have been expecting, and welcome him. Gil suggests that if he doesn't have a costume, he could at least have his face painted. Mr. Grumpfish agrees and Mr. Grouper comes out with pallet and paintbrush in hand. Mr. Grouper asks if he wants something spooky, such as a skeleton, while Molly asks if he wants something sweet, like a cat. Mr. Grumpfish says it doesn't matter, and Mr. Grouper sets to work and paints his face to look like a jack-o-lantern. With that done, Molly ushers Mr. Grumpfish into the haunted house.

The first portion of the haunted house is a graveyard, which Gil calls a spooky place. A bat drops down from a tree, but Mr. Grumpfish isn't startled. Molly advises that Mr. Grumpfish keep moving, warning that there might be zombies about. Right on cue, two zombies, played by Goby and Nonny, come out from behind a couple of tombstones. However, Mr. Grumpfish isn't phased. The next part of the haunted house is a forest, and Molly, Gil and Mr. Grumpfish soon hear howling. It's soon revealed that the howling is coming from a werewolf, played by Deema, but Mr. Grumpfish doesn't even flinch. The third and final part of the haunted house is a study, where Mr. Grumpfish is greeted by a vampiress, played by Ooona, while a ghost lingers behind him. However, Mr. Grumpfish sees that it's Bubble Puppy under the sheet, disappointing Molly, Gil, Oona and Bubble Puppy as Mr. Grumpfish prepares to leave. Gil asks him if he was scared, but Mr. Grumpfish says he wasn't and thanks them, but he soon sees his reflection in the mirror, ultimately scaring himself. Mr. Grumpfish tells them what he saw, and Molly and Gil explain that all he saw was his reflection. Mr. Grumpfish starts to laugh when he realizes he scared himself and soon starts to sing as the Guppies join in to sing a reprise of the pop song as the camera zooms outside where the dark figure of a ghost dashes across the screen. Molly and Gil reminisce on the evening's proceedings when the doorbell rings. Gil goes to answer the door, while claiming that he never gets scared. He soon turns to face none other than Mr. Grumpfish, who proceeds to scare him as the episode ends.


Pop Song: Trick or Treat

Dance: Trick or Treat Dance

Short: Trick or Treat (Reprise)

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