Rotten Tomato
Rotton tomate

SRotten Tomato is the villain from the story in The Grumpfish Special!, titled Super-Waiter and Busboy. He is a giant red tomato who turns people into pickles. He is waiting in the Garden of Doom for Super-Waiter (Gil) and Busboy (Nonny), who visit to get vegetables for Molly (She is the chef at the restaurant they work at). Then Rotten Tomato then turns Super-Waiter into a pickle. Busboy brings the vegetables back to the restaurant, where Molly begins to cook the meal, which is Mixed Vegetables, for Deema, who ordered it. Then Busboy tells Deema that her meal will be ready soon, and goes back to the kitchen to find. Rotten Tomato has turned Molly into a pickle, too! With help from Molly, Busboy prepares the meal, brings it to Deema and captures Rotten Tomato in a ketchup bottle.

He makes a second appearance as a villain in the Fruit Camp! Story segment, and now has the power to instantly rot ripe fruit and vegetables. His physical appearance has changed slightly; now sporting a large singular eyebrow. Unlike the previous episode, Rotten Tomato actually reforms at the end of this story and vows never again to make anything rotten.

NOTE: He is the only minor character who does not like the Bubble Guppies and has been seen as a true enemy. Rotten Tomato appears to look like a strawberry in his first debut

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