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Hello there~!:D

The name's [Real name withheld] , but you guys can call me DeemaIsBestGuppy. (Or DIBG for short. Or Kirbtaro. Or KT.)My username came from a reply I posted on YouTube. Someone was stating that Deema was annoying and being a Deema fan, I responded "Deema is best guppy. Do not diss her. 8|" It was based on the "best pony" thing that goes on in the MLP:FIM fandom. (I like that show too.) I originally was going to be a lurker, but after seeing some forum talk about the Season 3 voices,I wanted to post some info as a reply. It wasn't working out so I joined and stuck around after I was able to make my post.

How I Became A Fan

I first heard of it waaaaaaaay back when the Backyardigans Forum still existed (Good times...) I believe someone posted an article with a piece of concept art, talking about the show and how it was on it's way to the network. Hearing this made me a little worried that The Backyardigans were going to end soon. What does this have to do with the Backyardigans? Well, for those who don't know, it turns out that the two guys who created Bubble Guppies were heavily involved in that show. (A lot of the people who worked on The Backyardiagans transferred to the show, even the creator of The Backyardiagns herself! ) And whenever the main people who lead a show go to work for another or create another, the show they previously worked on will get new people or the show will end.

And that's just what happened. New people took over and it got cancelled. (I think it had something to do with low ratings due to the time slot it was given...that stinks.) 

Once Bubble Guppies did start airing, I thought it was ok but wasn't something that interested me. (Because you know...what it was intended for...) The timing for Gil's gag scenes felt too slow...too long of a pause before he got what was coming to him. And while the songs sounded nice, it felt like they transitioned into another melody too quickly or they felt like they needed another verse to feel complete. I wasn't trying to get into this show.

Then it happened.

I was either flipping through channels or I was looking for something to put on for my niece. Whatever happened, it lead me to Nick Jr.'s channel and it was showing the music video for the song "Buggin' Out". I was captivated.

"Those harmonies...those effects...I...I must hear that song again!"

I ended up on YouTube giving that song and a whole bunch of other Bubble Guppies songs a real good listen. Man, those kids can sing! Even Mr Grouper! (He doesn't sing very much though. He should.) And those folks at Rhumba Recorders know how to jam! 8D

Wanting to hear more songs and to get a better understanding of the show, I started watching more episodes.  I have found a lot of them to be enjoyable as a whole, but even if I didn't enjoy an episode's story, I can't stop looking at the show; I've fallen in love with the style! It's so smooth and soft~! The world they live in is so colorful! And I like how most of the facial features on the characters are placed on top on their heads rather than being part of their models; like old video games. If the graphics for the N64 were better, I feel like this is what it would look like. (Am I saying feel too much? Feels like it...wait, d'oh!)

More About Myself

I'm a college student who's majoring in Studio Art. I love cartoons and all forms of animation; with traditional animation being my favorite. I've even created my own cartoon characters and hope to publish stories about them at some point. Another thing I like to do is listen to a wide variety of music. If the message is good, the song has fun lyrics, or even if it's just an instrumental that's composed well, I'll listen to it.

I'm interested in voice acting, and hope to do more with that in the future. I've already voice acted in a few projects and whenever I have the time, I record myself doing impressions and sing fandubs of my favorite songs. (I've recorded some fandubs of BG songs and plan on putting them in a video with more songs from the series. I may post one of the songs as a preview.)

I frequently web surf for information pertaining to my interests, looking at the creative work of others, hanging around fan forums and getting distracted by YouTube videos. xD Also, from time to time, I play video games (mostly Nintendo)and read stories.

Some other shows and movies I'm into are SpongeBob, Hamtaro The Angry Beavers, Littlest Pet Shop, Wreck-It Ralph, Muppets, Gravity Falls, Adventure Time, Wander Over Yonder and a bunch of other things I don't feel like putting up here.

My Favorite Characters

/Major Characters/

I like all the main characters but my top three are Deema, (shocker!) Nonny, and Mr. Grouper.

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Deema is so fun and silly; I love her personality. I get a kick out of the lines she's given:

"That's problematic."


"Marsupeoples. Wait, what?"

"You see what you did? Now we got baby llama drama!"

The list goes on. xD

I enjoy the energy she brings to her songs and I love it whenever she randomly belts something out operatically, slips into an accent or adds a bit of gravel to her voice when she speaks. Also, Deema reminds me of how I used to act as a kid. (And how I still act now xD)

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Even before I became a fan, Nonny stood out to me. I immediately noticed that he wasn't smiling like the rest of the group usually does. It made me wonder "Why is this kid not smiling? Is something wrong with him? What's with the neutral expression?" This part of his appearance alone makes you what to know more about him.

Nonny's sort of the "rebel" of the group. All the kids has something a little similar about them...and then there's him. Not only is he the least expressive, he's the lankiest and most intelligent. Everyone has blue, black or brown eyes while he's the only one with green eyes and wears prescription goggles. Most preschool show characters are all happy and/or hyper. Nonny's informal and calm demeanor makes him one of the most unique children show characters out there. It's cool to have that kind of difference tossed into the cast.

Nonny can be pretty funny and adorable when he's having his awkward moments. Like when he was flailing his arms around as a cheerleader in The Elephant Trunk-A-Dunk! , and when he realized he was doing the wrong dances in The Wizard of Oz-tralia!. I like how Oona and him have a Q & A thing going on and how he pops up out of nowhere in the playground stories to define a word. Especially when words like "abominable" are mentioned and he simply states :"It means bad." It's fun to catch him cracking a little smile every now and then too. He also reminds me of how I was when I got older (And how I still am xD) I'm a bit shy in groups of people. I'm usually quiet in public unless I have a family member or a close friend with me. xD When people greet me, depending on who it is, I'll say "hi" softly or just wave. I unintentionally act awkward in front of some people, (which can be very annoying >.<) And I love to spout tidbits of information related to my interests. :)


Guys...I really like Mr. Grouper. I just do. xD We don't see him do TOO much; he usually steps (er..swims?) aside and lets the kids do their thing. He will step in if he's needed, like to be informal or to throw a pizza in the oven so the Guppies won't burn their little hands. But we still get to see bits of his personality. He knows how to have fun. He connects with his students by playing along with them and encouraging their ideas. He's very caring too. His tone in Puppy Love! where he was comforting Gil was great. I love the way he responded in the beginning of BPFFA when the kids were throwing out fairy-tales to read. He just laughed as he calmed them down instead of getting irritated. I love how he slipped a moonstone in Goby's rock collection in The Moon Rocks!, and was all like " I wonder how that got there." xD Mr. Grouper was crackin' me up in The Wizard of Oz-tralia! field trip; nudging people during the humorous parts of the play, flubbing his line a bit when he was playing The Wizard, dancing to the reprise of the Australia song...xD

Nostalgia is another reason why I like him so much. I recognized Tino Insana's voice from Back At The Barnyard and waaaaaay back when Bobby's World was airing. Aside from Bobby, his character, Uncle Ted, may have been one of my favorites. I'm not exactly sure... I just know that when it comes to remembering the other characters, I remember him the most.

When I found out that Chris Phillips not only voiced Mr. Grouper from time to time, but also voiced a bunch of other characters from my childhood, my mind exploded into a million pieces. xD I freakin' LOVED Face as a kid! 8D

Adding even more to the nostalgia, he reminds me a bit of Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House. xD The whole show sort of reminds me of that one:

A bunch of kids not seen with their parents nor mentioning them, big orange teacher guy, outstanding music, asking the viewers to think about the subject of the episode, always meeting in a big building where they learn stuff...yeah.

I've noticed that Mr. Grouper is usually excluded when it comes to the discussion of the show, fanart, and etc. I tend to gravitate towards characters who are good but don't get as much attention as the others in their show. Nobody bothered to give him a gallery until MUCH later. Mr. G needs some love, guys. How often is it do we get to see a male character as a preschool teacher? Isn't that neat? Not to mention that he takes the Guppies on AMAZING field trips! (Though I am starting to wonder if they actually go to certain places or if they're just pretending...) And everyone keeps talking about how cute the Guppies (and Bubble Puppy) are. No doubt that they're adorable, but Mr. Grouper can be cute too! Especially when he's wearing headgear.

Look at him in his red hat!


Ahem. so, yeah. Those are my favorites and my reasons.


/Minor Characters/


My Favorite Episodes

(In airing order. I'm Probably missing some; explanations might come later.)

My Favorite Pages


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