ADMIN NOTE: This is an official description of Season 3 from iTunes:

Make a splash with the third swim-sational season of Bubble Guppies! Dive into a double-length episode set in the mythical land of Bubbledom when an evil Night Wizard takes the magical Ring of the Sun, threatening to leave Bubbledom in the dark of night forever! Then join the Bubble Guppies as they discover all kinds of animals, from Australia to the Arctic, from dolphins to elephants, from bullfrogs and bees to a Bubble Kitty! Help them prepare their friend Avi for his first day of school and help them prepare themselves for their grumpy substitute teacher, Mr. Grumpfish! Meet the Guppies’ holiday icons like the Oyster Bunny and the sleigh-riding Mr. Claws. Help care for Bubble Puppy when he gets the sniffles, help Nonny when he breaks his glasses, and help stand up for truth and justice with the amazing adventures of Bubbleboy and Guppygirl! From chasing pumpkin patch pirates to attending fruit camp to visiting an amusement park, get ready for fin-tastic adventures with the Bubble Guppies.


Predicted Episodes:



Double-length Adventure



Substitute Teacher


Being Sick

Glasses (I'm very excited for this one!)



Amusement Park

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