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  • DeemaIsBestGuppy

    Hi everyone! :D

    I recently went to New York City and got to visit their flagship store for Toys R Us! I decided to share some pics I took while I was there but first, I wanted to post this:

    Viacom's Headquarters! The home of Nickelodeon, MTV and a bunch of other channels. No, I didn't get to go in, I don't think they would let me go far anyway unless I was an employee. And sorry about the blurriness, I couldn't stop walking and I didn't want to get separated for the rest of my group. ^_^; Those streets were crowded...

    Right across the street from the building is Toys R Us!

    I already knew about the Ferris wheel, so I knew the place was gonna be huge. But what I didn't know is that the place is basically a flippin' mini-mall! They had an area fo…

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  • DeemaIsBestGuppy


    January 5, 2015 by DeemaIsBestGuppy

    (Edit: Just moving this image I edited for the homepage over here)

    Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had or are still having a good holiday season! :D Thanksgiving was tasty, I got money & clothes for Christmas and New Year’s Eve was kinda boring. X3 I can’t believe I missed the parades last year! That was the first time I’ve ever missed them! o_o; For as long as I can remember anyway…

    2014 was a pretty good year for me overall, and I’m hoping 2015 will be even better.

    Some of My Favorite Moments of 2014 & Other Highlights

     Getting a new mic and a new pair of headphones. Thanks again, sister's boyfriend! And thanks again, dad!

    • Getting to make more fandubs. I didn’t make as many as I had planned but I’m glad I did something. X)

    • My step-…

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  • DeemaIsBestGuppy

    Season's Greetings!

    December 26, 2014 by DeemaIsBestGuppy

    I hope all of you are having a wonderful holiday Season! Please ignore the typo; I make a lot of those. xDDD

    And yes! I have Deema and Bubble Puppy now! Along with a couple of other things, but I didn't get them for Christmas. I'll be putting together another review at some point. And I have some theory posts to get to!

    I have a LOT to do ok? xD I'll get to most of them...

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  • DeemaIsBestGuppy

    (Two blogs in one day? New record!)

    After watching Bubble Guppies for a little over a year, many questions have surfaced in my mind:

    23.) Why is Bubbletucky mainly populated by Snails and lobsters?

    22.) What’s with the Little Fish? Where are their parents? Are they part of the class?

    21.) Who does Bubble Puppy really belong to?

    20.) Where does the name “Bubble Guppies” come from?

    20.) We all know Mr. Grouper teaches in the school…but does he also live there as well?

    19.) What’s the truth behind the kingdom Sir Mulligan is apart of?

    18.) Are Molly and Deeama wearing tops? Or are those tops part of their bodies like their tails? o.o

    17.) What fish breed is Avi and his mother?

    16.) How big is Bubbletucky? Is it part of a state? Is it an entire state itself…

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  • DeemaIsBestGuppy

    And guess who's in the lead? xD

    I already knew Nonny was a fan favorite, but I didn't realize how many fans loved Oona! Or how little fans liked Goby and Deema. o_o I wonder how much will change towards the end of the year...Do you guys think another character will catch up? And for those who could decide, if you had to, who would you choose?

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