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    April 29, 2015 by OonaxNonners

    Hello, everyone. Today I am writing a somewhat serious blog. I know some of you might get affended, but... This needs to be said. Any comments or concerns, just let me know in the comment section of this blog.

    Today I'm talking about: Banning/Blocking.

    I know that lately, there's been a lot going on at websites such as DA, and I'd like to just say something about it.

    We shouldn't ban/block people from the wiki for activities done outside of the wiki.

    If you feel as if this person might continue to target you on this wikia, then just ignore the user for a while, see if they say anything out of line, and if they do, then you should report it to an admin. It's stupid to ban/block people from the wiki for stuff they didn't do inside the wiki. The o…

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  • OonaxNonners

    Guppies x Guppies

    October 13, 2013 by OonaxNonners

    As I said in Chapter 16 of my fanfic,I will post Chapters 16 to the final Chapter on here due to people that might not be able to view it on and what not. Here is the fanfic: Guppies x Guppies.

    They were... here. And the school was... huge. They all stared at in awe. 'Are you sure this is the right school?" Molly asked in shock. The prinicpal nodded, and motioned for them to enter the school. "We've been in here for like, five seconds, and I already like this school!" Deema excalimed in her usual hyper voice.

    Everyone else just nodded, still in awe of how huge the hallway was. They all followed Principal Scaleson into her office. "Okay," Mrs. Scaleson said solemnly, "You will all get your schedules on Monday, your real first d…

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