Hello, everyone. Today I am writing a somewhat serious blog. I know some of you might get affended, but... This needs to be said. Any comments or concerns, just let me know in the comment section of this blog.

Today I'm talking about: Banning/Blocking.

I know that lately, there's been a lot going on at websites such as DA, and I'd like to just say something about it.

We shouldn't ban/block people from the wiki for activities done outside of the wiki.

If you feel as if this person might continue to target you on this wikia, then just ignore the user for a while, see if they say anything out of line, and if they do, then you should report it to an admin. It's stupid to ban/block people from the wiki for stuff they didn't do inside the wiki. The only exception I'd make from this is causing trouble in the chat, which is somewhat affiliated to the wiki.

A vast majority of us are older, so we should be able to handle stuff on our own without being foolish/childish (unless it is serious harassment/cyberbullying that is actually affecting you). That's like trying to get someone kicked out of your class for activities they didn't even do on school grounds.

If you get upset or feel some type of way, all I can really say is "oh well", I feel like this needed to be said.


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