We Totally Rock!
We Totally Rock! Trivia

  • The stadium in which the Bubble Guppies perform a rock concert is located next to the school.
  • This is the second time Deema calls Nonny "Nonners".
  • In the story sequence, Deema makes the peace sign.
  • During the story sequence, Molly's guitar is about the same size compared to Gil's, Goby's and Nonny's throughout various sections of the episode. When Molly says, "Clap with me to help us totally rock!" the guitar is about twice as big as before. When the girl guppies start playing after the scene cuts, the guitar seems to change back to regular size.
  • in the UK version, the title was altered to: "We Really Rock".
  • Deema's outfit in the shop segment resembles a hippie 70's look.
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