Who's Gonna Play the big Bad wolf?
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  • Deema: "I am an actor!"
    Gil: "An actor?"

  • Gil: "Look Molly, the Big Bad Wolf finally learned his line!"
  • The Little Fish that are wearing wolf ears: "Arroooooooooooooooo!!!"
  • Molly: (clapping) "Bravo!"
  • Gil: "And of course the Three Little Pigs know what to say..."
  • First Little Fish: "Mooo!"
  • Second Little Fish: "Mooo!"
  • Third Little Fish: "Mooo!"
  • Gil: "What? No! You're the 3 Little Pigs! You're supposed to say---"
  • Little Fish: (interrupting Gil) "Mooo! Mooo! Mooo!"
  • Gil: "No!!! Oh, you guys!! Hey get back here!!"
  • (Little Fish circle around Gil and then swim away fast as Gil chases them.)

  • Second Little Actor: "I'm an angry monster! Roar!"

  • Molly, Gil, Goby, Oona and Nonny: "Good morning, Mr. Grouper!"
  • Mr. Grouper: "Well, good morning everyone!"
  • Deema: "Little pig, little pig, let me in!"
  • Oona: "That sounds like the Big Bad Wolf!"
  • Deema: "I said "little pig, little pig, let me in!"
  • (Mr. Grouper swims to the door.)
  • Goby: "Don't open the door!"
  • Mr. Grouper: "Not by the hair of my chiney-chin-chin!"
  • Deema: "Okay, you've asked for it. Then I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll blow your house in."
  • (Deema blows. Mr. Grouper presses the button, the door opens and Deema falls.)

  • Molly: "Wow! That was a great play! Deema was the best big bad wolf I ever seen. Speaking of plays, how are your little piggies doing, Gil?"
  • Gil: "They don't want to play piggies anymore. They all want to play the wolf now."
  • Molly: "Well than, who is playing the piggy?"
  • Gil: "Take a guess."
  • (Gil puts on a piggy nose.)
  • First Little Fish: "Hey look, a piggy!"
  • Second Little Fish: "Let's eat him!"
  • Third Little Fish: "Arrrrrrrrroooooooooooooo!"
  • Gil: "Uh-oh!"
  • (The Little Fish chase Gil. Gil screams and Molly giggles.)
  • Little Fish: "Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooo!"

  • Molly: "Yes, because of all the mastodons."
  • Goby and Gil: "Mastodons?"
  • Nonny: "A mastodon is like a hairy, stinky elephant."
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