X Marks the Spot!
Gil the pitart

  • This is the first episode to have:
    • The frame rate of the show has changed to around 30fps.
    • Better lip movements and sync on all characters.
    • High Definition viewing up to 1080i instead of 480p
    • A new dance rountine for the "Outside" song.
    • More vibrant coloring, such as Deema's hair being a very bright yellow rather than the usual dull yellow.
    • The Storybook segment taking place before the dance song. This would become the consistent format for future Season Two episodes.
    • When characters talk, there is no longer a slight echo effect.
    • This is the first episode animated by Nelvana Limited, with additional animation by Pipeline Studios.
  • This is the second time that Molly and Gil were vital to the episode's topic and plot, first being Happy Clam Day!
  • Gil sings the pop song, instead of Molly.
  • Nonny gets the lunch joke (Maparoni and Cheese)
  • When everyone is crossing over Buccaneer Bridge, they nervously watch their step as they cross the deep ravine, except Deema, she happily waves to the audience with no fear at all.
  • When Mr. Grouper tells everyone it's time to go outside, the Bubble Guppies are wearing pirate hats, but when the BG line up, the pirate hats are gone.
  • After lunch when the camera is moving to Molly and Gil, Nonny and Oona have switched lunchboxes.